Table of Contents

The KNODA scripting tutorial
1. The various actions
2. General object methods- the class hk_visible
3. Data sensitive methods
Objects of type hk_dsvisible - the class hk_datasource
Objects of type hk_dsdatavisible - the class hk_column
Objects of type hk_presentation - forms and reports
Handling forms
Handling reports
4. using hk_classes as a Python module
5. Tips and tricks
How to display the data
How to execute a query
How to create a table
How to create a calculated value field
How to use the last inserted value as a default for the next row that will be inserted
How to define macros
How to format numbers
How to print rows in alternating colours
How to set the focus in a form
How to react on pressed keys
How to load a file content into a field using a filedialog
How to add or modify data, copy data between 2 datasources etc.
How to load a subform