hk_database represents a particular database on the SQL Server

vector<hk_string>* tablelist(void)

returns a list of all existing tables in this database

vector<hk_string>* querylist(void)

returns a list of all existing queries in this database

vector<hk_string>* formlist(void)

returns a list of all existing forms in this database

vector<hk_string>* reportlist(void)

returns a list of all existing reports in this database

hk_datasource* new_table(const hk_string&name="",hk_presentation* p=NULL)

gets a new table object of type hk_datasource (read and write)

hk_datasource* new_resultquery(hk_presentation* p=NULL)

gets a new query object of type hk_datasource (readonly)

hk_actionquery* new_actionquery(void)

gets a hk_actionquery object. It can execute SQL statements that don't return data and are only successful or not successful (e.g. CREATE TABLE)

hk_datasource* load_datasource(const hk_string&name,bool query=false,hk_presentation* p=NULL)

a convenience function for new_table and new_resultquery, that loads an existing datasource

bool delete_table(const hk_string&table,enum_interaction x=interactive)

deletes a table

bool table_exists(const hk_string&tablename)

returns true if the table 'tablename' exists

bool query_exists(const hk_string&queryname)

returns true if the query 'queryname' exists