How to react on pressed keys

Put the following code into the on_key action of a lineedit field:

Example 5.13. Reacting on keyboard input

print "on_key=(",key.key(),")(",key.text(),")"
if key.state()&key.state_ctrl:
  print "ctrl"
if key.state()&key.state_shift:
  print "shift"
if key.state()&key.state_alt:
  print "alt"

if key.key()==key.key_F5:
 show_warningmessage("F5 pressed. This will be ignored")

if key.key()==key.key_M and key.state()&key.state_ctrl:
 show_warningmessage("ctrl m pressed") 

when the on_key action is triggered an object of type hk_key is created and can be called via hk_this.key(). If you set the hk_key.set_accept_key() method to 'False', the key will not be accepted as input.