hk_connection connects to the SQL Server. The most important functions are set_host(), set_user(), set_password() and connect().

void set_host(const hk_string&)

sets the host name or host IP number

hk_string host(void)

void set_user(const hk_string& )

sets the user name used on the host

hk_string user(void)

void set_password(const hk_string&p)

sets the password for the user

void set_tcp_port(unsigned int t)

sets the TCP port

unsigned int tcp_port(void)

virtual unsigned int default_tcp_port(void) const

returns the default TCP port for this database server

bool connect(enum_interaction c=interactive)

connects to the server using the user, host and TCP data

bool disconnect(void)

disconnects from the server

bool is_connected(void)

returns true if this connection is connected to the server

vector<hk_string>* dblist(void)

returns a list of all existing databases in this connection

hk_database* new_database(const hk_string&name="")

creates a new hk_database object

bool delete_database(const hk_string&dbase)

deletes an exisiting database

bool database_exists(const hk_string&databasename)

returns true if the database "databasename" exists