Frequently asked questions

last updated: 16.06.2005



Under which license are the hk_classes libraries and knoda?

hk_classes and hk_kdeclasses (version 0.5.3 and higher) are LGPL'd, knoda and older versions of hk_kdeclasses are GPL'ed


On which operating systems does knoda and hk_classes run?

Linux and FreeBSD. hk_classes and knoda are developed on Linux and the FreeBSD port should work from version 0.5.4 on


Are there any plans to create a port to Windows?

There are no plans. If anybody wants to port it, please get in contact with me.


Can I write my own scripts?

Yes. Knoda can be extended using Python. For details see knoda scripting tutorial and the scripting reference

Database specific


Which database servers are supported?

Firebird, Mysql, Postgres 7.1 or higher. There is also a driver for ODBC. As local database formats SQLite2 and SQLite3,Paradox (read-only), DBase and MS Access (read-only) are supported.


Are there any plans to support the SQL server xyz?

Of course I would like to support all database servers. But it is a question of time. Use the ODBC driver if your SQL server supports ODBC


How do I use ODBC with Linux?

You need either unixODBC or iodbc. The driver does not yet support the creation of new tables or databases, but you can browse and edit your data, and you can send SQL statements of all kind.


When trying to connect to Postgresql I get the message 'Is the server running on host localhost and accepting TCP/IP connections on port 5432?'. I am definitely sure it is running

Your Postgresql is not accepting TCP/IP connections. There are 2 solutions: Either leave the "Host" field in the password dialog empty, or switch on the TCP/IP connection (Either add 'tcpip_socket = true' to your postgresql.conf file, or start postmaster with "-i")

Version specific


After updating to knoda 0.5 all my forms and queries have vanished!

You don't use a password for root at Mysql? Due to a bug in versions <0.5 your documents were stored in the wrong directory. Have a look in the ~/.hk_classes directory. The directory your documents have to be is ~/.hk_classes/mysql/localhost/yourdatabasename , but the buggy versions did store it in ~/.hk_classes/mysql/. Just copy the whole directory to the correct position.


When using knoda 0.5.6 on Suse 8.2 forms and reports "forget" the position of their fields and place all fields in the upper left corner

Update to knoda 0.6 or higher.


While trying to compile knoda 0.7 or higher I get an error that a 'kmdimainfrm.h' file is missing. Where is it?

From version 0.7 on, knoda needs KDE 3.2 or higher. You probably use KDE 3.1 or prior, so you should update your KDE.


Knoda 0.7.1 crashes on Mandrake 10.1.

Did you use rpms? They are buggy. Mandrake has already created new rpms (knoda-0.7.1-2mdk.i586.rpm) which correct this problem. Either update the package or install knoda from the sources.