hk_class is the basic class for all other defined classes.


Prints a warning message by using a dialog window. If none is set the message will be print to standard error (cerr). (Info: if you use it in KNODA, such a dialog window is set)


tries to translate the message t by using implemented translatingfunction of the underlying OS.

show_yesnodialog(question, default_value)

prints a question. The user has either to answer the question with yes or no.

Parameter 'question': the shown question

Parameter 'default_value': if hk_classes should not show nerving questions (can be set in KNODA's preferences dialog), the default_value will be returned without asking.


prints the question 'question' and returns the user input. The user has to answer the question by entering a string (i.e. a filename).

Parameter 'question': the shown question

returns the string the user gave as an answer

hk_string show_filedialog( default_filename,operation_mode)

prints a file dialog. The user adds a file name that will be returned as a string.

Parameter 'default_filename': a preset filename

Parameter 'operation_mode': either file_open (default) or file_save.

hk_string show_directorydialog( default_directory)

prints a directory selection dialog. The user selects a directory that will be returned as a string.

Parameter 'default_directory': a preset directory


This function stores all preferences of the hk_classes library in the file ~/.hk_classes/preferences