General Information

hk_classes is C++ library which allows rapid development of database applications with all features a modern database application should have like forms an reports. hk_classes is database and GUI independent. In combination with hk_kdeclasses (which is part of the knoda package) it supports the rapid development of database applications for KDE.

hk_classes is under heavy development, but it already works pretty well.

hk_classes allows you to:

  • connect to a database server ( Dbase/Xbase, Firebird, MS Access/Mdbtools, Mysql, Paradox, Postgresql, SQLite or ODBC);
  • create and delete databases;
  • create, alter and delete tables and indices;
  • add, change and delete data in tables;
  • define, execute and store sql queries;
  • create, alter and delete views;
  • import and export CSV data;
  • define and use forms; and
  • define and print reports
  • write your own scripts in Python
  • use reports and queries in your own scripts with the command line tools
    • hk_actionquery
    • hk_exportcsv
    • hk_exportxml
    • hk_importcsv
    • hk_report

hk_kdeclasses offers you data widgets for KDE:

high-level widgets

  • hk_kdetable
    display and alter data in a grid and the possibility to alter the table structure
  • hk_kdequery
    allows you to define and execute a query
  • hk_kdeform
    allows you to design and view forms
  • hk_kdereport
    allows you to design and preview reports

low-level widgets

  • hk_kdelineedit
    a data sensitive standard field
  • hk_kdememo
    a data sensitive multiline field
  • hk_kdeboolean
    a data sensitive bool field
  • hk_kdecombobox
    a data sensitive combobox field
  • hk_kdegrid
    a data sensitive grid
  • hk_kderowselector
    a row selector to browse a table